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Colour your home from the comfort of your chair; online shopping for your abode shouldn’t be a challenge.

Date published: 30-11-2009

Re-decorating your home can sometimes be quite a daunting task, and with many of us time poor, the thought of trawling around shops to find items that complement each other isn’t inspiring. What if you could get everything in one go and online? Well now you can with the launch of Kanvas Interior Art’s new website.

There are a number of features that sets the Kanvas Interior Art website aside from the others, including the opportunity to see a piece of artwork Insitu.

‘Many people know what designs they like but can’t imagine what the final piece would look like in their home, this is where in the in your home section comes into play. It allows you to visualise your chosen design in a home setting.’ explained Pauline Armstrong-Sebbes, Kanvas Interior Arts owner. ‘If the customer still doesn’t feel confident they can then contact us with a photo of their own home and we will insert the design into it.’

The new website also allows you to buy lampshades, Perspex, and outdoor art in complimentary designs, in one transaction. It also has a range of wallbrooches and wallpapers to choose from.

Mrs Armstrong-Sebbes had a strong vision for ‘With the new website we also wanted to highlight the different ways to decorate your home, and offer customers a relaxed element to their browsing. This is why we introduced the use of contact forms, as well as providing contact details.’ She explains ‘Many customers use the forms because they want to customise their artwork, for example we can change a design to match the fabrics in a room, and we can even match it to a paint colour, such as Dulux.’

Kanvas Interior Arts customisation service is a definite gem. All 700 designs can be recoloured, resized and even rearranged. In addition to this you can come up with your own designs, or work with a Kanvas designer to create a custom design.
For those that are looking for artwork in a hurry, the new website also features an ‘In store’ feature. ‘When a customer orders from our in-store shop, they are ordering items that are in stock, which means they can be delivered to their door quickly, or collected from the store in Subiaco the same day.

The new website also aims to be more than an online shop; it will also become an information hub for anyone interested in the latest news in interior design. ‘Trends in interior design are always developing, and there are some really good examples out there of exciting and inspirational designers. Through our news section and our monthly e-newsletters we want to let people know about these developments. Our aim is not to push our products but help customers to make informed decisions’ commented the Kanvas team.

In the next month Kanvas Interior Art will also be rolling out online gift certificates, and the ability to buy rugs through the shop. ‘We currently sell gift certificates and rugs from our store, but in order to keep developing the customers online experience we want to introduce these to’ explains Pauline ‘Like our other products we a have a set number of designs for the rugs, however we can also make custom made rugs, either from a clients specification or one of our 700 designs.’