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Interior art doesn't have to mean canvases, with wallbrooches you can add depth and texture to a room, while still complimenting the overall design.

 A new concept in interior design, the wallbrooch is part artwork and part sculpture. The brooches borrow elements from our Kanvas designs and can be used in conjunction with one of our canvases, or used as a stand-alone feature. Wallbrooches are laser cut and can be made in a variety of sizes, they also come in a number of finishes, to suit any interior.

acrylic wallbrooches

Acrylic wallbrooches are ideal for both inside and out, with over 50 colours to choose from they are the perfect way to brighten up any wall. The acrylic wallbrooches can be wiped clean and are perfect for kitchens or bathrooms where there maybe excess water.

mirror wallbrooches

Similar to the acrylic wallbrooches, the mirror wallbrooches are suitable for inside and out. Mirror art is an ideal way to reflect light around a room, with different shapes giving different light effects. Mirror wallbrooches are perfect for entrance halls, creating an impact on entry but also reflecting the light and creating atmosphere in a potentially dark area.

wooden wallbrooches

Our wooden wallbrooches are a natural and organic way to introduce art in the home, wallbrooches can be finished in a variety of veneers, the most popular being Tasmanian Oak and Walnut. The wooden wallbrooches offer a warmer and more subtle addition to the home.

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